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CUHK I·CARE Programme Trailer


Year 2019-20

The 4th I∙CARE Book Festival - 追憶的風景 —— 香港自然寫作對本土的定位 (Mr. Pang Yuk-man) [Excerpt - Knowledge Zone 2019, RTHK]

The 4th I∙CARE Book Festival - Silent Teachers – The Lecture on Life and Death Education Given to Me by the Body Donors (Mr. Pasu Ng) [Excerpt - Knowledge Zone 2019, RTHK]

The 4th I∙CARE Book Festival - 為何現代科學出現於西方?—— 談李約瑟問題 (Professor Chen Fong-ching) [Excerpt - Knowledge Zone 2019, RTHK]

I·CARE Salon 18th Session - My Rethink about the Current Situation from a Perspective of Political Philosophy (Professor Joseph Chan)


Year 2018-19

Creating a Magical Moment for Children 2018

The 4th I∙CARE Book Festival - 為何現代科學出現於西方?—— 談李約瑟問題 (Professor Chen Fong-ching) 

The 4th I∙CARE Book Festival - 孤獨國裡的國王 —— 我知道的清貧詩人周夢蝶 (Mr. Fu Yue-an) 

I·CARE Salon 16th Session - Historical Fissures - A Poet’s Political Practice and Reflections (Mr. CHUNG Yung-feng) 

I·CARE Salon 15th Session - Gene-edited Babies: The Haunting Questions (Dr. Derrick Au) 

I·CARE Salon 14th session: A Tribute to the Enlighteners (Professor Chan Kin Man) 

University Lecture on Civility 2018 – Assembling the Future: A Social Innovator’s Intriguing Project (Dr. Marcin Jakubowski) 

I·CARE Salon 13th session: The Rethink about the 1968 Student Revolt in France (Professor Michel Bonnin) 


Year 2017-18

I·CARE Salon 12th session: What is "Morality" (Dr. LO Kit Hung) 

A Journey on Spiritual Exploration: Debriefing Session of The 17th Journey of Compassion (Mr. Kwan Pun-leung and Ms. Clara Choi) 

I·CARE Salon 11th session: What is "Law" (Dr. Margaret NG) 

Life@CUHK Talk: The Voice of 66 Marathons (Mr. Walter Cheung) 

思托邦 第十講:什麼是國家 (王邦華) 

思托邦 第九講:俄國革命的歷史定位 (秦暉) 

思托邦 第七講:資本主義的未來--馬克思《資本論》出版一百五十周年紀念 (許寶強) 

University Lecture on Civility -- The 13 Things Learnt from the Adventure of a Perplexing Youth (Professor Lung Yingtai) 


Year 2016-17

思托邦 第六講:自由主義與左翼 (錢永祥、陳冠中) 

思托邦 第五講:宗教與科學 (王偉雄、劉創馥、關啟文、陳文豪) 

思托邦 第四講:香港人的最後一程 (陳曉蕾) 

思托邦 第三講:網絡中國的公民知識分子 (曾金燕) 

思托邦 第二講:再思火紅年代 (羅永生教授) 

思托邦 第一講:哲學的公共性 (關子尹) 

健體運動 x 友伴 

I·CARE Film Festival - Once Upon Our Times (Trailer) 

I·CARE University Lecture on Civility 2016 - In Solitude I Learn... (Chiang Hsun) 

I·CARE University Lecture on Civility 2016 - The Journey to Joy (Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche) 


Year 2015-16

Creating a Magical Moment for Children in Need 2015 

博群書節讀書會 讀一本不是你專業的書 (李歐梵、周保松)

博群書節讀書會 專屬的小星球 (周保松)

博群校友講座 人生馬拉松:張燦輝教授-第三齡

博群校友講座 人生馬拉松:沈祖堯校長-生死美學

博群書節開幕講座:三城對談 書話尋鄉 (周國平、吳明益、吳靄儀)

University Lecture on Civility -- Small Loans for a Big Future [Professor Muhammad Yunus]


Year 2014-15

"The WAY I·CARE!” University Community Engagement Symposium

University Lecture on Civility [Mr Kris Yao]

A Humble Cottage at CUHK (University Lecture on Civility)

Pathfinder – Cambodia Volunteer Service 2014 

Creating a Magical Moment for Children in Need 2014 


Year 2013-14

I·CARE Film Festival: Post-Screening Discussion
18-March - Speaker: Wei Te-Sheng (Film producer of KANO) (1/2)
21-March - Speakers: Joseph Jao-Yiu Sung (President and Vice Chancellor, CUHK), Adam Wong Sau Ping (Director of The Way We Dance)
27-March - Speaker: Gillies Yang (Director of Girlfriend, Boyfriend and A Lease to Paradise) (
28-March - Speaker: TAO, Kwok-Cheung (Senior lecturer of Department of Philosophy of CUHK) (1/2)
31-March - Speaker: Fung Ka Ming (Film Critics) [Film: Man of Marble]
2-April - Speaker: Hu Jie (Director of In Search of Lin Zhou's Soul and Xing Huo)
3-April - Speaker: Hu Jie (Director of In Search of Lin Zhou's Soul and Xing Huo)
4-April - Speaker: Matthew Torne (Director of Lessons in Dissent)
7-April - Speaker: Sze Ping LO (CEO - WWF China) [Film: Berkeley in the sixties] 

I·CARE Film Festival (CUTV) 

I·CARE Film Festival Promotion Trailer

Creating a Magical Moment for Children in Need (Volunteer service)

Forum on Civility -兩種民主的概念

Homecoming Book Festival - 詞人的書單

Homecoming Book Festival - 時間的玫瑰-北島詩歌之夜

Forum on Civility - The road of constitutionalism in China


Year 2012-13

Hello Future! An "Under Construction" Concert!
(Full version / Highlight)

The Unforgettable SARS: A Dialogue with Professor Joseph Sung, Mr. Fung Tai Heng, Mr. Ko Wing Cheung and Dr. Yeung Koon Sing

Wu Nien Zheng and His Storied Life

Yang Zhao’s Journey: Literature, History and Social Justice – My Way

Homecoming Book Festival - Salon II: Setting Sail

I‧CARE Community Market Fair (report from bbTV)

Forum on Civility - Contemplating Death 1 / 2

Ethnic Minority Health Project
(2012 / 2013

NGO Internship (陝西婦源匯)


Year 2011-12

CLOVER Closing Ceremony

Floral Festival Forum – The Nobility of Failure
Floral Festival Forum – The Humility of Success

Floral Festival Forum – The Resilience of Youth
Blossoms of Life Floral Festival

Forum on Civility 1 -- 動物倫理與道德進步

Forum on Civility 3 -- 親歷當代史:我的中國研究情懷

University Lecture on Civility  -- Growing Daisies in Cement


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