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CUHK Hong Kong Anti-Bed Bug Research Action Group Releases Results of “Bed Bug Problem in Hong Kong: A Pilot Study”
Nearly 30% of Residents are frustrated by bed bugs


CUHK Launches the 4th I·CARE Book Festival “Reading is Voyaging through Time and Space”  (05-03-2019)


I·CARE Social Service Day: CUHK Runs “Playing a University Student for a Day” Activity with Elderly Over A Hundred Secondary Students Attend and Integration of Two Generations Achieved (23-03-2018)
Sharing Session on Projects in Celebration of Dr Tin Ka-ping's 100th Birthday (23-03-2018)
中大博群社區研究計劃 發表精神病無家者服務建議 提倡跨專業合作 促政府發展外展醫療車服務 (25-02-2018)
Nearly A Thousand CUHK Runners Participate in the CUHK 10K Night Challenge (09-11-2017)
CUHK Delivers over 1,000 Mooncakes to the Elderly (02-10-2017)
CUHK I‧CARE Wu Zhi Qiao Team Builds Bridge for Liuzhu village (11-09-2017)
Professor Lung Ying-tai to speak at University Lecture on Civility of CUHK (05-09-2017)


CUHK I‧CARE Film Festival - Once Upon Our Times (Chinese version only)  (23-02-2017)
中大I‧CARE博群全人發展中心及香港弦樂團攜手呈獻 弦夢成真音樂會 全場座無虛席 著名小提琴家姚珏女士親自指導學生及亮相表演 (Chinese version only)  (13-11-2016)
中大生設立二手衣物恆常交換平台 摒棄快速時尚 I·CARE博群社區研究計劃「時裝覺醒週」 歡迎公眾參加 (Chinese version only)  (08-11-2016)
Tibetan Buddhist Master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Renowned Artist Chiang Hsun to Host I•CARE University Lecture on Civility (12-09-2016)


CUHK Organizes Third I•CARE Book Festival (06-03-2016)
CUHK I‧CARE Community Research Program: Anti-Slavery Week (01-11-2015)
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Talks on How Microcredit Alleviates Poverty in I•CARE University Lecture on Civility (06-10-2015)
CUHK I‧CARE Wu Zhi Qiao Team Built Bridge for Xingguang Village (10-09-2015)


「中大博群花節園遊會」載譽歸來 沈祖堯校長朗誦詩詞 鍾氏兄弟、岑寧兒任特別嘉賓 (02-04-2015)
I•CARE Floral Festival 2015 (10-03-2015)
"The WAY I•CARE!" University Community Engagement Symposium cum Project Exhibition to enhance knowledge exchange and mobilize community resources (10-02-2015)
Renowned Taiwan Architect Kris Yao to Speak at CUHK I•CARE University Lecture on Civility Free Tickets Available (29-10-2014)
700 CUHK Students Demonstrate ‘I•CARE’ Spirit Number of Students Participating in Social Service Programme Doubled (11-09-2014)


CUHK Students Launch ‘See You’ Volunteer Teaching Service for Local Secondary and Primary School Students with Disabilities and Economic Difficulties (29-06-2014)
CUHK Students Hold Special Screening of Ocean Films for Visually Impaired (30-04-2014)
CUHK I‧CARE Film Festival Brings Inspiring Films and Speakers to Campus (16-03-2014)
CUHK I•CARE Research and Study Scheme Sees Encouraging Participation from Students who Show Genuine Concern for the Underprivileged (04-03-2014)
CUHK United College Students Set up Toy Libraries for Orphanages and Schools in Northern Myanmar (03-02-2014)
An Engaging Discussion between Experienced Social Service Workers and CUHK Students to Examine the Feasibility of Community Service (31-10-2013)
CUHK Global Internship Programme 2013 Marks a Three-fold Increase in Internship Placements in Asia-Pacific (17-09-2013)
300 CUHK Students Apply Their Professional Knowledge on Social Services (26-08-2013)
CUHK I‧CARE Programme - Christian Zheng Sheng College Service Project Offers Valuable Learning Experience for Students (07-07-2013)


CUHK CLOVER Programme United Local and Non-local Students to Spread Love, Care and Green Concept in Community Supported by CUHK – Hang Seng I‧CARE Local Service Project Scheme (14-04-2013)
中大I‧CARE博群計劃三月連串精彩活動 「哈囉人生!哈囉未來!」主題講座及音樂會 歡迎公眾參加 (14-03-2013)*
CUHK Kicks off its 50th Anniversary Celebrations to Perpetuate Humanistic Spirit and Share Love and Care with the Community (27-01-2013)
中大舉行博群社會服務日 助低收入家庭兒童及殘障人士認識社會 建立自信 (4-11-2012)*
中大寰宇暑期實習計劃 配合三三四新學制 離岸實習人數大升七成 (09-10-2012)*
中大I‧CARE博群社區巿集今開幕 開放中大校園 與社企共融 (04-10-2012)*
中國著名傳媒人胡舒立今於中大開講 談她的新聞理想路 I‧CARE博群大講堂再度感動師生 (25-09-2012)*
中大生走進社會 就當前社會問題進行研究並提出解決方案 研究經費由I‧CARE博群計劃資助 (21-08-2012)*
莫禮恩《超越時空的挑戰》新書發布 收益捐助中大I‧CARE博群計劃 支持學生參與社會服務 (13-07-2012)*


CUHK CLOVER Programme Supported by I‧CARE Concludes with Local, Mainland and Overseas Students United in a Bond of Love and Care to Serve the Community (11-04-2012)
中大I‧CARE「博群花節園遊會」為花節活動劃上圓滿句號 匯聚中西文化藝術 煥發校園人文氣息 (30-03-2012)*
中大I‧CARE「博群花節」第三回 白先勇教授談永遠的青春夢 全場座無虛席 (22-03-2012)*
中大I‧CARE「博群花節」第二回 許鞍華導演談成功背後的百般歷練 全場座無虛席 (15-03-2012)*
中大I‧CARE「博群花節」第一回 國際知名文化研究學者李歐梵教授與師生細味失敗的高雅  全場座無虛席 (08-03-2012)*
CUHK I‧CARE Programme Proudly Presents a ‘Floral Festival’ Three Eminent Figures in Arts and Culture to Share Inspiring Stories at University Lectures on Civility (04-03-2012)
Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation Alumni Challenge Supports I‧CARE Programme of CUHK (14-02-2012)
「愛.FUN.享」2011中大校友日 四千校友響應捐6,000元 施惠於社會 (04-12-2011)*
世界知名現代舞蹈團雲門舞集創辦人林懷民於中大開講 全場座無虛席 為中大I‧CARE博群大講堂打響頭炮 (04-10-2011)*
CUHK Launches I‧CARE Programme Promoting Personal Development through Social and Civic Engagement for Students (05-09-2011)

* Press releases in Chinese version only