blood donation 3


The first round of Blood Donation Campaign in this academic year has been scheduled in October. Given the positive response to the last "Blood and Book Giving - A Challenge of Blood Donation Relay" organised by this Centre, an identical one will be re-run while Hong Kong Red Cross sets up the blood donation point in the Multi-purpose Room, 5/F, Wong Foo Yuan Building on 29 October from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm. Participants will not only help people who require blood transfusion, but also win a book donated and autographed by the author. They include:

Allan Au Ka-lun《二十道陰影下的自由》 5 nos.

Derrick Au Kit-sing《當我用心寫 —— 一個醫生的十年記》3 nos.

Derrick Au Kit-sing《有詩的時候》2 nos.

Edwin Chan Ho-yin《我們的夢想 —— 毋忘初心的科學家》5 nos.

Walter Cheung Shu-wai《跑出一片天》5 nos.

Chow Po-chung《在乎》2 nos.

Chow Po-chung《相遇》1 nos.

Chow Po-chung《小王子的領悟》2 nos.

Donna Chu Shun-chi《自由之方》5 nos.

To win a book, all you need to do is to upload to the social media a photo taken during your donation of blood in our Centre and invite (tag) three of your CUHK friends (i.e. the nominees) to act likewise. Once the nominees give blood at our Centre, each of them can pick one gratis book. If they issue the same challenge to (tag) another three CUHK friends, they will obtain one more book (i.e. two books in total).

For details of the Blood Donation Campaign 2018, please click here. If there is any enquiry about the “Blood and Book Giving - A Challenge of Blood Donation Relay”, you may contact this Centre via 3943 8621 (Tel) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Email).