“Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative” (LPAI) aims at facilitating students to initiate long term interest and commitment to serve the local, regional and international communities. Through participating in community services, I.CARE allows students to gain first-hand experience important societal issues and to reflect on their social responsibility as an university student and as a global citizen. These projects will focus on both addressing the underlying causes of poverty as well as building an enabling environment for poverty alleviation. They will be pursued under four major schemes:

  1. Inter-Cultural Cohesion Scheme, 
  2. Youth and Youngsters Scheme, 
  3. Need-based Development Scheme,
  4. Student-led Services Grants.

“Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme 2018-19 (Details / Poster)

Project Location: Hong Kong

Project Period: September 2018 - April 2019

No. of CUHK participating students: 120


The “Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme associates “exercising” with “volunteering” to foster a serving heart of students and strengthen their understanding of the community. Participants of the scheme will be trained with basic skills of a sports item and given chances to partner various members of the community in pursuing sports. This will allow students to develop regular exercise habit and build up healthy lifestyle. Above all, mutual understanding between students and the circle of their counterparts will be facilitated.

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I·CARE Hong Kong Cultural Tours Project 2018-19 (Details / Poster)

Project Location: Local

Project Period: October 2018 - May 2019

cultural tour_2018-19

Hong Kong is a small place of unique culture and rich history which deserves to be savoured and explored. However rapid the city has changed and developed, it is left with many anecdotes which hold clues to its past. How much do you know about these Hong Kong stories?

The I·CARE Hong Kong Cultural Tours Project of this academic year is now recruiting docents who will receive a series of professional training to enhance tour guiding capability and gain first-hand experience of exploring the hidden side of Hong Kong. Accepted students will then design and lead cultural tours serving secondary school students.

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Student-Led Service Grants

As the poverty issues in Hong Kong exert greater influence upon the society, in this year, the Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative will provide funding to the I.CARE Service Projects to fund student-led local service projects. Students are encouraged to design, implement and evaluate local poverty alleviation projects on their own. Through this scheme, they could make use of own knowledge, expertise and connection in the local community to formulate own service projects.

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