I•CARE Programme-Rural and Remote Community Friendship Project 2015-16 (Details / Poster / Photos / Sha Tau Kok Community Map)

Project Location: Sha Tau Kok

Project Period: October 2015 - June 2016

No. of CUHK participating students: 20


The project focuses on the Sha Tau Kok community where twenty CUHK students will conduct regular home visits as well as community exploration from October 2015 to March 2016. In the project, students will visit elderly people living in Sha Tau Kok regularly to care their daily life with warmth and at the same time listen to the stories of the community talked by the elders. In addition, students will be divided into groups to get knowledge of the community including the history, culture, economy and citizen life.

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I·CARE Social Enterprise Start-up Fund 2015-16 (Details)


The I‧CARE Social Enterprise Start-up Fund aims to support student initiative in social entrepreneurship. Students can apply the fund to develop creative ways to meet societal needs and challenges. The supported project should be a business aimed at achieving specific social objectives, and the profits should be principally reinvested in the project to further promote the social objectives that it pursues. This support is meant to work as a seed grant and the project should aim at continuation after the funding period through a self-financing basis or supported by other funding sources.

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Hong Kong Cultural Tours Project (Details / Poster / Photos)

Project Location: Hong Kong

Project Period: October 2015 - June 2016

No. of CUHK participating students: 40

The Hong Kong Cultural Tours Project 2015-16 aims at recruiting CUHK students to be potential culture ambassadors to get improvement in their guiding skills through a series of professional theoretical training as well as field practice. The culture ambassadors are supposed to lead local disadvantaged high school students in cultural tours to let them get involved in the history and stories of Hong Kong.

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Student-Led Service Grants

As the poverty issues in Hong Kong exert greater influence upon the society, in this year, the Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative will provide funding to the I.CARE Service Projects to fund student-led local service projects. Students are encouraged to design, implement and evaluate local poverty alleviation projects on their own. Through this scheme, they could make use of own knowledge, expertise and connection in the local community to formulate own service projects.

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