Theatre-in-Education Workshop (Poster / Photo)

Project Location: Local secondary school

Project Period: March 2014 - February 2015

No. of CUHK participating students: 130


This project aims at teaching students about poverty related issues by using participatory theatre activities and community visit. Then, students have to design and execute workshops for secondary school students and to help them experience the life and struggle of people from disadvantaged groups. Through building empathy and respect, students will learn more about themselves and each other as a part of a reflective and caring community.

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Need-based Development Scheme (Poster)

Project Location: Sham Shui Po

Project Period: February - August 2014

No. of CUHK participating students: 30


Local Non-governmental Organization (NGOs) will be invited as community partners in this project. Students will be led by NGOs to explore neighborhoods in a district. Students have to know the strengths and resources of the district, potential service recipients in the neighborhood and research on their needs. Students will then develop a service project by using bottom-up and need-based approach.

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I·CARE Programme-Remote Community Elderly Care Project (Sha Tau Kok and Tap Mun) (Details / Poster / Photos)

Project Location: Sha Tau Kok, Tap Mun

Project Period: January- June 2014

No. of CUHK participating students: 62


Students participating in this project are supposed to conduct voluntary regular home-visits to elderly people living in Sha Tau Kok and Tap Mun. They are expected to explore the actual needs of the elders and to achieve the objective of respecting as well as caring the elderly. Meanwhile, students will apply Oral History methodology in recording the description of the local area by the elderly systematically which aims at promoting recognition and concern of the public upon Sha Tau Kok and Tap Mun.

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I‧CARE Social Service Day (Photo / Press release)

Project Location: CUHK

Date: 20 October 2013, 4 November 2012

No. of CUHK participating students: ~80


I‧CARE Programme organise a one-day activity inviting some disabled and children from Shatin to CU campus. A series of workshops and games is arranged to provide opportunities for them to understand our society in an enjoyable way with CUHK students, staff, and alumni.

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Student-Led Service Grants

As the poverty issues in Hong Kong exert greater influence upon the society, in this year, the Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative will provide funding to the I.CARE Service Projects to fund student-led local service projects. Students are encouraged to design, implement and evaluate local poverty alleviation projects on their own. Through this scheme, they could make use of own knowledge, expertise and connection in the local community to formulate own service projects.

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