In addition to the 6 major categories, I‧CARE made use of diverse channels to organise/ support a wide range of other meaningful activities as listed in the following:

Mother Nature Rocks (Details)


Project Location: Local (CUHK)

Date: October - December 2019

This Centre is launching a brand-new programme titled Mother Nature Rocks aiming to encourage students to explore the city’s countryside and to experience the Mother Nature afresh.

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I·CARE Blood Donation Day - Combining Help-giving with Self-relaxation (Details / Poster)


Project Location: Local (CUHK)

Date: 16 October 2019

I·CARE Centre will stage the I·CARE Blood Donation Day this month. Members of CUHK are encouraged to join this event, themed “Combining Help-giving with Self-Relaxation”, for giving blood to save others’ lives. At the same time, you may avail yourself of the melodious music and relaxing cartoons played on the spot to cheer up during the recent unrest.

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Blood and Book Giving - A Challenge of Blood Donation Relay (Details / Poster)


Project Location: Local (CUHK)

Date: 29 October 2018

I·CARE Centre will run the “Blood and Book Giving - A Challenge of Blood Donation Relay”. All CUHK students and staff are invited to partake in this life-saving cause to help people who require blood transfusion.

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I·CARE CUHK Campus Tour (Details / Poster)


Project Location: Local

Date: September 2018

As a freshman, you may not be familiar with the environment and facilities of CUHK. Have you also gotten lost on campus? Or are you still adapting to the university life? This Centre is again to launch campus tours (altogether 8 times) in the 1st term of 2018-19, through which senior-year students will lead freshmen to tour around the iconic places of CUHK, to get to know various facilities available on campus and to hear tips for a fulfilling university life.

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Life@CUHK (Details / Poster / Photos)


Project Location: Local

Date: January - February 2018

Life is……to save a while for ourselves.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily campus life, let us slow down, unwind and enjoy the beauty of life.

Organised by the I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development, Life@CUHK will introduce a variety of activities during January and February of 2018, which cover outdoor painting, laughter yoga, turbo kick, digital detox camp, DIY rubber stamp, western calligraphy, etc., all tailored for the busy you.

Why not spare a bespoke moment just for yourself to relax, to experience a vibrant campus life and to explore the many different possibilities of life?

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Go Hiking in CUHK Style with Vice-Chancellor (Details / Poster)


Project Location: Local

Date: 26 March 2017

Co-organised by the Physical Education Unit and I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development, the hiking activity will take you up the Ma On Shan Trail and offer you the chance to enjoy a brand new view of the beautiful CUHK campus from a different angle.

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Music Dreams Come True Concert@CUHK (Details / Poster)


Project Location: Local

Date: 10 November 2016

"Music Dreams Come True" University Mentorship Programme is presented by Hong Kong String Orchestra (HKSO) and co-organised by I‧CARE Programme. 21 CUHK students are recruited to the programme. After a series of trainings instructed by HKSO mentors, the students will perform with HKSO musicians in the Music Dreams Come True Concert held on 10 November 2016.

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ICARE1001 Social Engagement Workshop (Details / Poster)


Project Location: Local

Date: September - October 2016

From CUHK to local communities, ICARE1001 will broaden your imagination of social engagement, inviting you to create new opportunities in social development. Students can take part in the following three types of activities:

  • Walk In CUHK - Campus Tour on Social Engagement 
  • A walk in community with I‧CARE 
  • Idea Jamming: Poverty alleviation
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I.CARE Wu Zhi Qiao Team (Photo)


Project Location: Mainland China

Date: summer holiday in each year

The I‧CARE Wu Zhi Qiao Team co-operate one University from Mainland to complete a bridge-building and community improvement project in underprivileged rural village in mainland China. Wu Zhi Qiao Project is a social service and project based learning opportunity which enhances students’ understanding of the Chinese Mainland, and assists to develop integrity and a commitment to society and life.

These bridge building and community improvement Projects are accomplished by volunteer professionals and university teams, consisting of staff and students, from both Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. To the fullest extent possible, project teams will build the footbridges, eco-dwellings and small-scale facilities with locally available and sustainable materials and utilize local wisdom and green building concepts. During the construction process, the volunteer teams will work closely with the villagers to transfer practical building skills and knowledge of materials that will enable the local people to maintain their footbridges and facilities in the future.

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CADENZA Community Project: Jockey Club Charles Kao Brain Health Services (Press release / Photo / Volunteer Recruitment)


Name of Colleges/Faculties/Units:
CADENZA: A Jockey Club Initiative for Seniors,
St. James’ Settlement,
Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease Limited,
I‧CARE Programme

Project Location: Local

Date: June 2013 - September 2019

Starting from 2013, Jockey Club Charles Kao Brain Health Mobile Vehicle provides outreach support for seniors across all 18 districts through preliminary checks on memory problems under this six-year preventive programme.

Core services:
Brain Health cognitive training programs and public education;
Initial screening and referrals for persons with early signs of memory problem;
Individual training and/or home visit to people with early stage of dementia;
Workshops and seminars to elderly centres, family service units and schools.

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Creating a Magical Moment for Children in Need (Video)


Project Location:

Project Period:  2011-2016 (every Christmas)

I‧CARE recruited students to participate in “Creating a Magical Moment for Children in Need”. It is a special event for Hong Kong children who are underprivileged, special need and serious ill. A real Santa Claus all the way from Rovaniemi Finland came and provided a rare in a lifetime seasonal experience to them. The aim is to share the joy with the children during Christmas time.

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I.CARE Programme - Christian Zheng Sheng College Service Project (Photo / Press release)


Name of Colleges/Faculties/Units:
Christian Zheng Sheng College, I‧CARE Programme

Project Location: Local

Date: June - August 2013

Christian Zheng Sheng College (ZS) is a private school specialised in correcting problematic students with drug addiction and other problems using life education. In summer 2013, a series of activities will be held in ZS and CUHK. The service project consists of three parts: CUHK campus tour for ZS students; ZS experience tour for CUHK students and long term tutoring to ZS students.

First, ZS students were able to get a feel of university life through various activities CUHK student volunteers arranged for them on 16 June 2013, including sports games, formal lecture, facility visit and campus tour.

To have a deeper understanding of ZS students and their lives, the CUHK group also spent three days (26-28 Jun 2013) at the ZS campus located at Chi Ma Wan in Lantau Island. They followed the routine of ZS students, including cooking, cleaning, studying, doing all sorts of manual work for campus improvement, sleeping in tents and having cold water shower.

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TSA examiner for mock oral examination (Photo)


Name of Colleges/Faculties/Units:
Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Sha Tin Integrated Service Centre

Project Location: Local

Date: 2012-2014 (March to April, October to November) 

Around 20 CUHK students serve as examiners of the mock oral examination to evaluate the Chinese and English level for children in a Shatin primary school.

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Nursing-Pharmacy Outreach Programme: Prevention of heart failure among the elderly in the community


Name of Colleges/Faculties/Units:
School of Pharmacy, Nethersole School of Nursing

Project Location: Local

Project Period: January - September 2012

In January, 2012, I‧CARE assisted in the launch of the co-joint outreach programme between The Nethersole School of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy by leveraging resources provided by the programme “Give Back To Community (GBTC)”. During the programme in summer 2012, around 100 students from both departments participated. In order to identify those who were susceptible to substantial risk factors of health proactively, and to refer any of these cases early for follow-ups at hospitals, these students visited 7 Elderly Centres where they provided the elderly with a range of medical services: taking blood pressure, measuring the levels of saturated fat and glucose, and collecting their habits of drug consumption. Some of the sponsors from GBTC volunteered to be the tutors of these students, which facilitated communication and exchange of tips in the provision of medical services.

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The Charles K Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease Limited – Christmas Charity Sales

Project Location: Local

Project Period: November - December 2011

In coordination with The Charles K Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease Limited, I‧CARE recruited more than 60 students to volunteer at the charity sales, which aimed to fundraise for the foundation during Christmas time in 2011. The event took place at the Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong where information regarding dementia was available to arouse public awareness.

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