The I‧CARE Centre for Whole-person Development collaborates with and provides support across different units of CUHK in offering the I‧CARE Programme to students. The I‧CARE Programme is designed to echo the University’s devotion to nurturing well-rounded graduates in serving the needs and enhancing the well-being of the citizens of Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the wider world community.

In line with the motto of the I‧CARE Centre: “Aspiration through Reflection; Renewal through Civility”, the I‧CARE Programme inspires students to examine the meaning of life and nurture their compassion in serving the society while enhancing their own personal growth. The I‧CARE Programme comprises six categories: i) University Lecture on Civility; ii) Social Service Projects Scheme; iii) Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative; iv) Community Research Scheme; v) Social Enterprise Startup Scheme; vi) NGO Internship Programme.

I‧CARE Framework

The I‧CARE framework for non-formal education guides our students' development in accordance with the fine traditions of the University. The  I‧CARE name was chosen to reinforce the caring spirit of our students and instill them with a sense of ownership for their personal development. The targets, values and skills we expect our students to attain through experiential learning are categorised as follows:

I -

Integrity and Moral Development

C -

Creativity and Intellectual Development

A -

Appreciation of Life and Aesthetic Development

R -

Relationships and Social Development

E -

Energy and Wellness